Afghanistan,  Stoppers,  Trots

Brown, Richards: Like Whatever…

Attempting to shrug off accusations that they’re a pale shadow of their former selves since ex-leader Tommy Sheridan left them three years ago to the month the Scottish Socialist Party has organised a joint public meeting in Edinburgh.

As you can see they’ve seized on a recent statement that British troops might be in Afghanistan for the long term with gusto –  and used it as the basis for calling for the Prime Minister’s resignation.

The only problem for the Scottish Socialist Party is that it was the incoming head of the British army, General Sir David Richards, who uttered the words quoted on the poster: not the Prime Minister.

Rumour has it that following the meeting advertised above the SSP are planning a ‘social’ in a nearby building dedicated to producing alcoholic beverages. We’ll report on the success or otherwise of this major organisational endeavour if and when it happens.

Via: Socialist Unity.


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