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“The BNP Is Not Racist”

The News of the World has the scoop:

A LITTLE girl grins with glee as she holds a golly over a fire . . . while a jeering BNP politician finds the doll guilty of BEING BLACK during a vile mock trial and execution.

The baying crowd cheers when the toy – dubbed Winston – is condemned and dropped on to the flames to “die”.

Goading on the assembled adults and kids the politician, a local council candidate, yells out these chilling words: “Let’s get a real one . . . in the town we’ll find one or two.”

The sickening stunt was staged at the British National Party’s annual FAMILY festival last weekend – yet the BNP insists it is NOT racist as part of its successful ploy to attract votes in elections.


Along with lashings of anti-black and anti-Polish racism, mixed with the obligatory Nazi salute, we’re treated to this:

During the weekend the party’s other MEP Andrew Brons used his stint in the political tent to compare Muslims to SMALLPOX during his speech.

He declared: “I’m less concerned about the presence of mosques than the presence of the people that use them. Being worried about the presence of a particular mosque is almost like looking at a disease like smallpox and saying it’s a problem with spots.”

Ex-BNP cultural officer Jonathan Bowden, 47, also attacked Islam, and dubbed Jewish Israel as “cancer”.

He bleated: “The only way this (Muslim) problem will be solved is if they go back – go back to their civilisation.

“(But) we must renounce support for Israel. Israel is the cancer that lies at the heart of much of this.”

And Greater London Authority member Richard Barnbrook joked about BLACKING himself up.

The deputy opposition leader of Barking and Dagenham council boasted: “I’ve got balls made of steel. In my own ward, if I go around naked, and put boot polish on my face, they’d still love me.”

Interesting to see Jonathan Bowden again. I wonder if his views on Israel and Islam was the theme of the New Right meeting at which he spoke alongside the “Flying Imam” and Prison Chaplain, Dr Sahib Bleher, a couple of years back. Imam Bleher is the General Secretary of the Islamic Party of Britain, which would execute gays in the unlikely event that it attained power. His fellow executive member is Dr Muhammed “Dancing Cows” Naseem, the RESPECT candidate who is Galloway’s party’s biggest single declared donor.

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