The People Will Win. Long Live Afghanistan.

This is a guest post by Terry Glavin
The spinning on Afghanistan’s elections and their meaning will be fast and crazy over the next few days. As things have turned out so far, voting day wasn’t anywhere near as calamitous as we’d been warned to expect.

Here’s the United Nations’ Kai Eide:

“First of all, let me remind you all of what our thinking was and about all the questions I got from you a couple of days ago. Those questions were: With all these security incidents and with this security situation will it be possible to hold elections in Afghanistan? Now, we see that elections have taken place across Afghanistan and I believe that, that is in itself an important achievement.

“There have also been a lot of discussions over the number of poll centres that the election commission will be able to open. Now we know that around 6,200 polling centres were open. The figures are not precise yet. But that is what we believe is the approximate number. That number is equal to the number that was open in 2005. And I must also say that, too, is an achievement.

An understatement, that. Despite the looming threat of dismemberment, mass murder and terror, millions of Afghans voted anyway. The courage of ordinary people is breathtaking:

“I was scared of bombs and suicide bombers when I walked on the street to the polling site, but I had to take the risk and participate in the election,” said Sharin Bano, 28, who voted in the provincial capital. “I am telling all my sisters who are at home to participate in this election, too. As women we should use our vote to get change and peace. There are threats and warnings for us to stay in our homes, but if we stay home how can we expect any changes that will lead to peace?”

As to the question of how to deal with the counter-revolutionary bandits who persist in inflicting bloodshed and mayhem upon the Afghan masses, I’m inclined to this policy. The old bastard did have a few good ideas. You’ve got to grant him that.

But here is a contrary position, currently being promoted by the pseudo-left sect that runs the Canadian Peace Alliance and the Toronto Stop The War Coalition: “The Taliban is the resistance in Afghanistan and we must support it, critically, but unreservedly. . . There is no fundamental difference between the liberation theology movements in South America and the popular Islamist resistance movements in the Middle East and Asia, movements such as Hezbollah, Hamas and the Taliban. . . .Every U.S. and NATO tank that the Taliban destroy, every Karzai-appointed stooge they assassinate and every town or village they liberate is a victory for our side and a grievous blow to U.S. imperialism.”

A victory for our side, if you don’t mind.

This is lurid, reactionary filth, all dressed up as “anti-imperialism.” Its adherents and apologists, and every last one of you who would tolerate it, make excuses for it, or give it sanctuary by alleging that to merely notice it is to “smear the peace movement,” will rot with it in history’s dustbin. And while you weep and gnash your teeth at every tiny revolutionary victory, Afghanistan’s long and bloody democratic revolution, for which so many Canadians have given their lives, will surely triumph. Slow and steady, the people will win.

Long live Afghanistan.