“Young Men and Women are Being Raped in Iran’s Prisons”

Potkin has the story:

Following the courageous letter by Mehdi Karroubi, exposing the horrors of systematic rape of post-election detainees in Iran, there have been several calls by the ‘representatives of God on earth’ to put Karrubi on trial.

Babak Daad, is an Iranian journalist and blogger who is now on the run and in hiding. Here is what he says in his shocking interview about what is going on in Iran’s prisons and how the lackeys of the coup d’etat are ordered to break down the youth of Iran.

‘Its one thing hearing about a news and another thing when you see it first hand for yourself and realise the full horror of what has taken place. You can hear about an accident on the news but unless you witness the accident close by you do not appreciate the reality of blood. The case of rapes in Iran’s prisons for those who read or hear about is a news item, but I saw an 18 year old boy, whose father described him as a piece of flesh with no soul, his name is Mehdi and I hope soon the perpetrators who inflicted this crime on this young boy will be tried in an international court and of course those who ordered these crimes to be carried out should be tried too, those who gave the orders to uproot the spirit and the hopes of Iran’s justice seeking young generation.

Mr Karroubi courageously investigated these reports and 15 days ago he wrote a letter about what was taking place and handed it to Hashemi Rafsanjani. He waited 10 days for Hashemi Rafsanjani to show some reaction, and as he had said if within 10 days there was no reply from Rafsanjani he would make it public. So both Mr. Karroubi and Rafsanjani have known about what was taking place for a while now.

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