Where are they now?

I thought it would be interesting to see what happened to the blogs in Harry’s Place blogroll from June 2003:

Normblog – Still going strong.
British Spin – Still up, but no posts for two years. [Now known as Hopi Sen]
Tom Watson – Still active, when he isn’t plotting in curry houses.
Stephen Pollard – Still up, but now blogging corporately.
PolitX – gone.
Nick Barlow – Still up and running.
Paul Anderson – Another long-lasting blog.
Matthew Turner – Gone. [Now here]
Perspective – Still up and running.
Jeff Jarvis – Still buzzing.
Vox Politics – Gone
Conservative Commentary – Tory boy’s launchpad, now for sale, [although the blogspot continues]. [Now at Conservative Home]
Slugger O’Toole – Still going great guns.
Junius – Gone, now all about dogfood. [Chris Bertram at Crooked Timber]
Public Interest – Still up, occasionally stirs embers.
Emily Jones – Gone.
Edge of England’s Sword – 404 [Iain Murray is at The Corner now]
Au Currant – Not now it isn’t, although the author blogs elsewhere now.
Natalie Solent – Still up, though postings tend to go on Biased BBC or Samizdata.
Samizdata – Strangely still going.
Brendan O’Neill – Gone.
Look Back in Anger – You can’t look back. It’s gone.
Cinderella Bloggerfeller – Disembowelled, moved then died.
Matt Welch – Still up and running.

This post will be updated with news of missing souls.