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Health care debate insanity watch

I was away and in non-blogging mode last week, but Adam Holland has been doing an excellent job of monitoring the US right wing’s collective nervous breakdown over President Obama’s health care reform proposals.

Here he posts about the organized efforts to disrupt the town hall meetings called by Democratic members of Congress to discuss health care reform. In many cases, the opponents aren’t asking questions or debating– they’re simply shouting people down.

(And, yes– it’s just as disgusting when leftists use the same tactics.)

Here he posts about Rush Limbaugh claiming that the “Obama health care logo is damn close to a Nazi swastika logo.” Yes, El Rushbo really said that. And to someone in his state of mind, I’m sure they are eerily similar.

Limbaugh also quoted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as saying that some people were carrying swastikas to town hall meetings on health care– which in fact some are.


He goes on to claim, “She’s basically saying that we are Nazis.” Um, no, Rush– she’s basically not.

Shades of Glenn Beck and the fasces on the Mecury dime. Back then I asked:

Do Obama’s opponents really want to take that route?

It appears many of them do. Which, by discrediting themselves among all but a fringe, is good news for the rest of us.

Update: I just noticed that the woman in the photo at the lower left carrying a sign warning about “Gov’t Run Health Care” appears to be eligible for Medicare– which is, y’know, government-run health care. If she is refusing on principle to accept Medicare benefits, I’ll withdraw this observation.