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Racist protest in Birmingham

News from Birmingham:

Police in Birmingham have arrested 33 people during protests by anti-fascists and a group demonstrating against Islamic fundamentalism.

One protest involved a group known as Casuals United, which police said were made up of local football fans.

Another “counter-protest” in the city centre was organised by Unite Against Fascism, West Midlands Police said.

The protest, which began at 1800 (BST), is ongoing and police said disorder had been sporadic.

I suspected the group demonstrating against Islamic fundamentalism were in fact anti-Muslim bigots demonstrating against Muslims being present in the United Kingdom. Looking at the photographs at The Daily Mail, I was also less than convinced that some of those kicking people on the ground were normal anti-fascist protestors either.

If what we have are groups of BNP-types fighting with Muslim youths on the streets of one of our largest multicultural cities, then that is extremely bad news.

There is clear evidence that this protest has been hijacked by a number of old firm style far right racist groups, despite claims from the organisers that they were anti-BNP. A BNP supporting blog states his support for the protests:

The EDL and the WDL, respectively are the English Defence League and the Welsh Defence League who appear to have united together under the common banner The Casuals United.

The Casuals United are made up from, shall we say, the more militant supporters from various football clubs around the county who became known as “Firms” back in the 80’s due to their internal infrastructures, even down to having business cards printed to pass onto friends and foes alike and are referred to as “Casuals”.

One of the driving forces behind The Casuals United is Lionheart, who I always refer to as a true Christian Crusader. Living on the front line in Luton, he was amongst the first to spot the serious danger we are now in because of the invasion and colonisation of Our Country and as been shouting a warning ever since.

Now he and others have mobilised the patriotic feelings that lie deep in all “Casuals” from all “Firms” to unite together to protest about the common threat of Islam to us all.

The Casual Facebook sites that I have read have stated that they are non political and welcome support from all people, of all colours who are also worried about the spread of Sharia Law and Islam.

Lionheart, referred to above, distanced himself from the protests before they occurred due to a far right take-over.

I will not stand on any streets within Britain alongside neo-Nazis, under any circumstances. Someone posing as EDL has been on the extreme far-right website ‘Stromfront’ encouraging their commentators to support them on the Birmingham protest which has already led to negative press coverage of the event.

I will have nothing to do with anyone involved in the extreme far-right neo-Nazi movement because I have Jewish friends, and friends with a different skin colour to my own. This has been much of my reasoning behind rejecting the way things had been directed, and why I have removed myself from any participation of the protest.

Any neo-Nazis present in Birmingham have nothing whatsoever to do with the original ‘English Defence League’ that I was responsible for creating along with another person who portrays himself to have a Templar heart but then turns his back on a brother in the midst of a conflict (we will have to wait and see!).

The original ‘English Defence League’ is made up of people from all backgrounds and ethnicities, so there is no place for racists or neo-Nazis amongst its ranks.

Islamophobes are welcome though…

I disagree with Lionheart’s position on Islam, which mirrors, in a less scholarly fashion, the views of Robert Spencer and Andrew Bostom (who incidentally thinks Michael Totten is soft on Islamists, and whose recent guest writer sees Popeye the Sailorman as a dire warning about Islam – even quoting suras to match parts of the evil Bluto’s behaviour).

Lionheart’s position, and the nature of eventual protest occurring in Birmingham, does expose the dangers of taking this essentialist stance on Islam and Muslims. It encourages and provokes racists to join with you.

A poster at Stormfront yesterday posted a You Tube video of a Screwdriver song “Stand up besides us” with racist imagery, banners expressing support for Combat 18, text blaming the Jews for multiculturalism, and referring to non-whites as muds. He said “See you tomorrow”. Another “Proud National Socialist” stated his problem with the EDL protest:

EDL are trying to do something admirable but with the rumours use of drugs and letting blacks and other muds in means that this is not an outfit that I would to support.

Yes Muslim behaviour is disgusting but personally would settle for nothing less than a white UK and white Europe that the removal of the negroids, Muslims, Indians of all faiths, Chinese, etc in other words all non whites.

Not to mention the one race that is actually a bigger threat to the whites than all of the above combined the Jews. Thanks to them our armed forces are involved in pointless other seas as they leave an open doormat for any scum that’s wants to come our nation.

The only way to fight extremism, of any type, is to form broad coalitions with those who oppose the extremists. That includes, in the case of extremist Islam, the Muslim community itself. If you have fallen so-far down the Londonistan rabbit-hole that you are unable to see the distinction between the normal adherent of a religion that just want to live their lives in peace and extremists in favour of the use of violence to obtain their ends, you will find yourself on the same side as far right racists.