Omar Hamza Jenvey

Some of you may be familiar with the work of a fantasist called Glen Jenvey, who is a preoccupation of Bloggerhead’s Tim Ireland.

Jenvey is most famous for having peddled to the Sun Newspaper, a crock-o-crap in which he claimed that the nutters on the online forum Ummah.com were planning to target prominent British Jews, including Alan Sugar. The only problem with this story – so it turned out – was that most of the threats in fact eminated from Jenvey himself, using a Muslim-sounding nom-de-blog.

Things just got weirder.

Jenvey now appears to have embraced Islam and joined Al Muhajiroun. He has renamed himself Omar (after Bakri) Hamza (after al Masri) Jenvey. Here he is in the process of his exciting transformation:

I suppose this means that Tim Ireland is now an Islamophobe.

Al Muhajiroun has an article on this contemporary miracle.

There is more – much more – at Bartholomew’s Notes, which reveals something of the back story. Apparently, Jenvey believes that he is the subject of:

“personal unfounded attack’s by the Daily Mail newspaper calling me an unmasked football hooligan and personal attacks on myself and family by bloggers from the far left and supporters of the failing Labour Government”

As a consequence he announced:

I wish to withdraw my police statement taken by the anti-terrorist squad for the FBI.

Huh? He is changing some apparently crucial evidence in a terrorism case because he is pissed off with Tim Ireland – who of course is neither far Left nor a particular fan of the Labour Party – and the Daily Mail?

Now, I know that our security services once employed David Shayler, so their judgement isn’t wholly perfect. However, I would be astonished if the police, the security services and the CPS have relied to any significant extent on Glen Jenvey. The fact that the Sun took him seriously tells you all you need to know about that “newspaper”.

Jenvey is a transparent attention seeker and bullshitter. This “conversion” is wholly unsurprising, as is his decision to revert at the hands of Al Muhajiroun. They deserve each other.

Here’s my prediction for the future. Within a year, Jenvey will have changed his name to Esther, and will be peddling little red bracelets for the Kabbalah movement.