Iran’s Apartheid Wall

This is a guest post by Ben Cohen of Z Word

Here’s an interesting tidbit from Stratfor: “Iran will build a 435 mile-long cement wall topped with barbwire along 100 percent of the border between Iran and Afghanistan to prevent the entry of narcotics from Afghanistan, Farsi News Agency reported July 30. The proposed wall is scheduled to be completed by March 2010.”

A “report” on Press TV – the Iranian backed Holocaust-denial outfit which masquerades as a legitimate news organization – approvingly quotes the deputy head of Iran’s Drug Control Headquarters on the wall. “Taha Taheri noted that the barriers will be constructed along the 700-km (435-mile) border between the two countries. He stressed that the move is aimed at halting drug trafficking from Afghanistan to Iran,” it says.

For good measure, the report is headlined: “Iran to build huge wall along Afghan border.” I suppose it’s too much to expect that Press TV might understand irony.

So can we expect massive protests against this apartheid wall? Or at least an ICJ ruling?

For the record, I don’t really think this constitutes an “apartheid” wall. To use this term to describe a structure aimed at curbing drug trafficking makes about as much sense as using it to describe a similar – though smaller and less fortified – structure which has successfully curbed murderous terrorist attacks on innocents going about their daily business. Right?