Anti Muslim Bigotry

Bob Pitt Posts Photo of Neda at Islamophobia Watch

Search in vain at Islamophobia Watch for any discussion of the brutal repression of millions of Muslim in Iran, the disappearance and the murder of those calling for democracy in the Islamic republic.

The absence of any reporting of the situation in Iran creates the impression that Bob Pitt cares not a jot for Muslims, unless they can be deployed by Bob Pitt in his struggle to defeat liberal democracy

However, I am pleased to report that Bob Pitt has at long last posted a photograph of Neda Agha-Soltan.

Neda was a young Iranian woman who was shot by the Islamic Republic’s paramilitary Basij as she watched a pro-democracy demonstration. An attempt to save her life was made by a doctor, Arash Hejazi. The Islamic Republic has been busy, attempting to frame Dr Hejazi for Neda’s murder.

So, it is good that Bob Pitt has acknowledged this terrible murder, and the shameful behaviour of the Islamic Republic of Iran in attempting to persecute those who tried to save her, and those who told her story to the world.

Here is the picture.


Well done Bob.