Iran Is Very Confusing But Xinjiang Is Crystal Clear

Here is a letter received by a friend who could not understand why FOSIS was campaigning around the Uighur issue, while Muslims in Iran are still being murdered, oppressed and disenfranchised by the Islamic Republic.

Here is their answer:

I understand from my colleague that you sent an email to FOSIS seeking clarification as to why FOSIS has not sent out a PR regarding the current turmoil in Iran.

FOSIS Campaigns and positions are based on long running issues where the facts are clear and positions unambiguous.

While the situation in China is clear cut for all to see and involves the persecution of an ethnic minority by the authorities, the situation is Iran is far more complicated and requires political and social analysis that FOSIS is not qualified to undertake.

I hope that answers your question. I would like to thank you for your query.

Oussama Mezoui
Head of Campaigns

FOSIS is a front for the Islamist political party Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood.

Hamas is funded by Iran.

habibi adds:
Here is Faisal Hanjra, president of FOSIS, interviewed by Ismail Patel on Islam Channel. The bullying Islamist arrogance on display is breathtaking:

I think the message to the government and to the British taxpayer is that the millions of pounds you are investing in all these Prevent agendas and all these weird and wonderful schemes is a complete waste of money if you’re not going to tackle the root cause, and the root cause has always been foreign policy.