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Of what might have been, and other political daydreams

This is a guest post by modernityblog

Over at Socialist Unity they are debating the issue of the antiwar movement in Britain and why it failed.

Some blame it on incompetence of the SWP, others see it as inevitable – having failed to stop the intervention in Iraq – but what comes out of the discussions is an almost ghoulish longing for another Stop the War coalition clone, focused on Afghanistan.

The white elephant in this discussion is the Taliban. Should Western forces leave the weak Kabul government to its own devices then surely the Taliban will retake the country.

The Taliban ruling Afghanistan again will mean a regime with THE worst human rights record on the planet. It will mean the total subjugation of women, the implementation of a barbaric Sharia system, the murder of anybody remotely progressive, girls forced back into the home with no chance of education. Imagine the blood bath if the Taliban take power, again.

That’s the white elephant in the room that they can’t discuss.