Freedom of Expression

Ireland Bans New Testament and Father Ted

Well, they’ve really screwed up this time. They’ve only gone and passed an offence of “blasphemous libel” which will outlaw any statement or publication

“that is grossly abusive or insulting in relation to matters held sacred by any religion, thereby causing outrage among a substantial number of the adherents of that religion; and he or she intends, by the publication of the matter concerned, to cause such outrage.”

Father Ted is obviously out. (Video embedding disabled – but you can guess which clip it is).

So is the New Testament, which contains the false and intentionally outrageous claim that Jews killed Jesus and then asked to be blamed from generation to generation for his death. Such a pity, because I’m fond of both Father Ted and the New Testament. I will miss them. More here and here on the campaign by various sensible people, including Arthur Mathews and Graham Linehan, to save these great works from the bonfire.