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The Civil Service Has Lost the Plot

This is a guest post by Shikwa of The Spittoon

I’m truly lost for words on this one and completely outraged by it, so I’ll keep it short and simple.

The Telegraph is reporting that Lisa Greenwood, an administrator in the Department of Children, Schools and Families, has lost her job for writing an anonymous message on an internet site at the height of the expenses scandal.

After learning that Hazel Blears had allegedly ‘flipped’ her second home to avoid capital gains taxes, Lisa Greenwood wrote:

How dare you wave a cheque about on national TV, saying that you are sorry. You are only sorry that you have been caught. You are a disgrace (including all the other honourable members). Why haven’t you been sacked?

The message was written anonymously on the “They Work for You” website, but was still traced back to her work computer. She was promptly suspended and then sacked. The Department of Children, Schools and Families said that it sacked her because:

The civil service has a clear code of conduct for its employees, which states that civil servants should be politically impartial and not act in a way that could damage the reputation of their department.

Now, why is this so outrageous you might ask? Well, just last week we heard that the jihad loving civil servant, Azad Ali, who peddles the worst kind of sectarian and reactionary politics has been reinstated to his post at the Treasury. I wonder how any of these utterances were deemed to be ‘politically impartial’:

Hamas is a true resistance movement that is standing up for the rights of the Palestinians, whereas Fatah and specifically Abu Mazen have capitulated to the colonial mindset.

Or when he called Muslims seeking a ceasefire with Israel during the Gaza War in January:

…nothing but self-serving vultures, feeding on the dead flesh of the Palestinians.

Or this:

So what is the aim of this mass murder? Well it’s ideological. How you may ask? The stated aim of the Zionist terrorist state is to destroy Hamas and what it stands for, i.e. Freedom. You may notice that Fatah are not being targeted nor are they bleeding for the Muslims in Gaza, but hopefully they will once they return to their humanity. We have seen this before in 2006 when the same Zionist terrorist state attacked Muslims in Lebanon, with the usual amount of fuel being supplied by America and the UK, so let us not be surprised by it – though we should be completely outraged.

There’s many more examples I could give you, but you get the point. So, on the one hand we have Lisa Greenwood getting sacked for anonymously expressing her outrage over MP the expenses scandal. On the other we have Azad Ali openly glorifying jihad. Both are Civil Servants governed by the same code of conduct, but only one gets sacked – and it’s not the one lambasting the British state or promoting violence against Israel. What a disgrace.