“This is just the beginning”

The great graphic novelist and filmmaker Marjane (“Persepolis”) Satrapi, who has lived outside Iran for more than 10 years, writes in The New York Times about how the events of the past several weeks have given her hope that not only will she someday die in her homeland, but live there too.

Death, torture and prison are part of daily life for the youth of Iran. They are not like us, my friends and I at their age; they are not scared. They are not what we were.

They hold hands and scream: “Don’t be afraid! Don’t be afraid! We are together!”

They understand that no one will give them their rights; they must go get them.

They understand that unlike the generation before them — my generation, for whom the dream was to leave Iran — the real dream is not to leave Iran but to fight for it, to free it, to love it and to reconstruct it.

…This generation, with its hopes, dreams, anger and revolt, has forever changed the course of history. Nothing is going to be the same.

From now on, nobody will judge Iranians by their so-called elected president.

From now on, Iranians are fearless. They have regained their self-confidence.

Despite all the dangers they said NO!

And I’m convinced this is just the beginning.

There have been a number of music videos paying tribute to the brave pro-democracy protestors in Iran. Here are two of the best I’ve seen.

United For Neda by Mams Taylor Ft. Dariush, Satar, Morteza, & Friends from Mams Taylor on Vimeo.

And this one will get into your head:

(Hat tip: Tori at View from (Outside) Iran.)

Any others to recommend?