Tin Foil Hat Time

Cramner is a blogger who has a (possibly undeserved) reputation  for slightly zany conspiracy theories involving catholics.  I won’t name him because he choses to blog under a nom de blogue, and I think that should be respected.

He has chosen to publish today what may well me the maddest article I have seen to date on swine flu. It postulates a wide ranging international conspiracy theory to spread swine flu as a biological weapon directed by … well… at least it isn’t the Jews to blame, this time!

The official organs of the German State, including the BND and BfV intelligence agencies, are essentially a front, real control being exerted from Dachau by the Deutcshe Verteidigungs Dienst, by assassination if necessary (they made effective use of Bader-Meinhof and have always loved using Marxists and other assorted nutters). The DVD exerts significant influence in other countries, usually through fronts like the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group and the Skull and Bones society at Yale (they also recruit at Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge).

The article is written by a man who calls himself Michael Shrimpton QC. However, I can find no mention of a Michael Shrimpton QC on either the list of all QCs in 2008, nor the list of QCs appointed this year.

There is a Michael Shrimpton who is a barrister, who used to be at this chambers, but now seems to have left to be clerked by an online service called Barristerweb.  He also appears to have something to do with representing the “Metric Martyrs”.

I would love to tell you what sort of person I think Michael Shrimpton is. Unfortunately, he evidently sues for defamation if he doesn’t like what you say about him.

Therefore, I would invite you to read his self penned encomium on Wikipedia, and form your own opinion of the man.