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Those bitchy Republicans

A recent Vanity Fair article about Sarah Palin has triggered an entertaining catfight among Palin supporters like Bill Kristol and former operatives from the McCain-Palin campaign.

Remember last fall when a McCain campaign official called Palin a “diva”?

Asked directly if he accused [senior McCain adviser] Nicolle Wallace of being the source behind the “diva” leak in his message to Kristol, [McCain foreign policy adviser] Scheunemann said: “My e-mail did not accuse Nicolle Wallace. It said something very disparaging about Nicolle but it did not accuse her of being the leak.”

A source familiar with the contents of the e-mail said that Scheunemann actually accused Nicolle Wallace’s husband, Mark Wallace, of being the source of the leak.

When Kristol questioned the likelihood of a male like Mark Wallace using such a gossipy term as diva, this source said, Scheunemann wrote back that Mark Wallace knows something about divas because he’s married to a diva.


Update: Palin quits as governor of Alaska.