Fakes, fivers, farce and fantasy

Well, the meeting organised by uber-Troofer Nick Kollerstrom (“veteran CND peace campaigner”) at Conway Hall, as we know, was cancelled. But from this strange report on Indymedia, it seems people turned up anyway. Now, the report is quite mad, but I think I have the gist of it.

It seems people were told MI5 had canceled the meeting, but for a small fee they could be led to an alternative “secret venue”, where they were to meet someone called “Daniel Obachike” who apparently is a 7/7 survivor and author. But, (“OH NO!!”) MI5 had found that venue and somehow closed it down too (the bastards!).

Some money changed hands, some photostats were handed around. Conspirators were named and the hunter became the hunted…. or something.

Trust no-one, people, No one!