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Since this blog serves truth, perhaps some of its readers will appreciate some newly revealed wisdom from Birmingham:

7/7 Ripple Effect, released two years after the attacks, goes much further than just posing questions.

The narrator alleges the four men blamed for the bombings were in fact fall guys in a government plot to win support for the war on terror; they were tricked into travelling to London with rucksacks on that day.

CCTV that shows them arriving in London was supposedly just to incriminate them. The film claims that they were not on the trains that blew up.

It’s alleged the three men blamed for the Tube bombings were in fact murdered by police at Canary Wharf, after government agents set off pre-planted explosives to frame them.

Muad Dib’s conspiracy video has been picked up and held up as truth. A copy of his film was sent to a survivor of the attacks and to the Chairman of the Birmingham Central Mosque, Dr Mohammed Naseem.

He has long harboured doubts about the government account. “The Ripple Effect is more convincing than the government statement,” he says.

Dr Naseem made 2,000 copies of 7/7 Ripple Effect for the mosque. At Friday prayers he asked the congregation to raise their hands if they did not accept the government version – nearly the entire gathering did.

Rachel North, who appears to be a troof traitor, says:

Rachel North, a survivor of the 7 July bombings, is troubled by the acceptance of conspiracy theories.

“If people in mosques think that the government is so antagonistic towards them that they’re actually willing to frame them for a monstrous crime they didn’t commit, what does that do to levels of trust? That is a problem for the government and for everybody in this country.”

Ever faithful and bold, the Birmingham Central Mosque still dares to publish the troof about 9/11 too (from Dr Naseem) on its web site.

What a great mosque.