Anti Fascism,  The Left

The Extreme Left Can’t Recognise the Extreme Right

Anti-Zionism is the trojan horse through which the ideas and arguments of the extreme Right have entered the extreme Left.

Here are a few examples.

– SWP/UCU’s Tom Hickey standing in front of Ismael Patel’s ‘anti-Zionist’ reading list. The list includes the Holocaust denier, Roger Garaudy.

– the Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign’s John “International Jewry” Wight, who supports his arguments with the help of the website of the neo Nazi “Committee for the Open Debate of the Holocaust”.

– the Socialist Workers Party repeated hosted and promoted Gilad Atzmon and slapped down its own supporters who pointed out that he is a raving antisemite.

– Jenna Delich, who circulated material on the UCU Activists List sourced from David Duke and other extreme right wing  websites.

Here’s another.

On Jewssansfrontiers, contributor Gabriel Ash sources his material on Iran from the neo Nazi website, “Ziopedia”. []


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