Stop The War Coalition Website Owner Condemns Failure to Support Iranians

The owners of the STWC website have added an additional banner to the website:


The new banner has a clickable menu. Under  “About this banner”, the text reads:

The banner was created by the owner of the stopwar.org.uk domain in response to the StWC loss of direction and hypocritical response to the Iranian election compared to an arguably comparable situation in the US in 2004.

In particular, the domain owner believes that the current attitude of StWC as per its statement, fails to realise the opportunity that we must all seize to make the world safer, especially for the citizens of the Middle East.

The domain owner believes StWC is losing its way, losing its vision, and losing its soul, by letting so-called ‘leftist’ rhetoric and nonsense prevent it supporting vigorously (as it once would have) the democratic wishes and freedom-of-communication of the peoples of Iran, who are crying out for the world to support them at this time.

As Hossein Mousavi’s external spokesman Mohsen Makhmalbaf said:

“We [Iranians] are a bit unfortunate. When we had our Obama [meaning President Khatami], that was the time of President Bush in the United States. Now that [the United States] has Obama, we have our Bush here [in Iran]. In order to resolve the problems between the two countries, we should have two Obamas on the two sides. It doesn’t mean that everything depends on these two people, but this is one of the main factors.”

There is some history here. The owner of the stopwar.org domain has been attempting to communicate with the StWC office for several months, to arrange transfer of domain ownership to them, without response. The StWC statement on the Iranian situation was so poor, so lacking in the vision, soul, and objective morality that created the Coalition, that this action was deemed appropriate, until the Iranian situation is resolved.


Hat tip: MoreMediaNonsense and Mira