“Most Evil” or “Most Stupid” Government?

This is a guest post by Potkin

I thought the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khameneii, had a cheek calling UK, “the most evil of western governments”. The figure head of this “most evil” government, i.e. Her Majesty the Queen, congratulated the Islamic Republic on the anniversary of the Islamic revolution, calling it the ‘Iranian National Day’.

This “Most Evil” government has allowed the Islamic Republic to set up its Press TV here in UK to poison the minds of young impressionable Muslims in Europe. London’s buses advertise Press TV as the ‘Voice for the Voiceless’, while the crack down continues in Iran and Iran’s bus drivers union leaders are still in jail.

This “Most Evil” government has allowed the Supreme Leader to open an Islamic Centre in Maida Vale, London. This “Most Evil” government has allowed the mad messianic Ayatollah Messbah Yazdi to fund the Islamic Studies Centre in Durham university and extend its tentacles in UK.

This “Most Evil” government continues to shy away from outright condemnation of people being beaten to death in the streets of Iran.

Perhaps Most Stupid, would have been more fitting. A Most Stupid government that is easily taken for a ride and has advisors like Baroness Haleh Afshar.

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