Human Rights,  Iran

Traitors and Stooges

So, I wonder what the so-called Islamic Human Rights Commission has to say about the struggle for liberation in Iran. Surely there are some human rights issues worth commenting on there?

Let’s see.

Lots on Israel. Some stuff on Morocco. Mentions of Palestine, Pakistan, China, Yemen, Sudan, Bahrain, Nigeria, Sudan. A special report on the ‘Islamophobic’ Community Security Trust.

Nope, nothing on Iran.

How strange.

What about the Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran. Supposedly, they’re just a bunch of liberal Iranians who want a fairer Iran and stuff but, like, just hate war, y’know.

A piece by Jonathan Steele calling for Iran to be included in an ‘axis of respect’. A piece from calling for better US relations with Iran. Oh, and a poll on Israeli attitudes to Iran. That was posted Sunday.

Now, why do you think that these supposedly ‘independent’ groups – one nominally pro-human right and one theoretically pacifist – have nothing to say at all about the stolen Iranian election, and the fury on the streets of Iran’s major cities?


The IHRC and CASMII are fronts for the Islamic Republic of Iran’s oppressive rulers. They’re co-conspirators. They are traitors and stooges. The supposedly Left wing politicians and groups who have spoken from their platform, or marched in solidarity with them have aided and abetted the Islamic Republic of Iran.

This should never be forgotten.


Compare Hands Off the People of Iran. Not a front organisation (edit: for the IRI at least). Not stooges or traitors.

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