Bilal Philips? Nein Danke

Last night hate preacher Bilal Philips was due to deliver a lecture at the Al Nur mosque in Berlin.

According to German media and blogs, he didn’t show up. In fact, some reports say, he has cancelled his whole German tour, which was to take in Stuttgart, Dortmund and Hannover as well as the capital.

Philips has claimed “scheduling conflicts”. This is humorous for a regular on European Islamist circuits whose German appearances had been planned and advertised.

Philips was made to feel publicly unwelcome in Germany, and it worked. The LSVD, the country’s Lesbian and Gay Federation, drew politicians’ attention to his gay hatred, including the evidence in the sickening video below (try the segment from 9 to 13 minutes in). The LSVD called for “all legal means” to be used to stop his lecture.

German regional governments indicated that they were considering taking action against Philips. The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution let it be known that it was following the proposed tour. In the past the Office has noted that it monitors the Al Nur mosque. It also follows Pierre Vogel, a German Islamist who was scheduled to speak on the tour’s four events alongside Philips.

Vogel was a promising boxer in his youth. In his prime in 2001, he converted to Islam. He stopped boxing soon after. Then, by way of studies in Saudi Arabia, a route to radicalism he has in common with Bilal Philips, he became a Salafi dawah pugilist. He has gone on to convert as many German youngsters to his way as he can.

Evidently he thinks himself a much better man for it. He should think again. In the video below he reels off one ludicrous 9/11 troofer story after another, such as “witnesses” saying the planes that hit the World Trade Center were military aircraft. He’s not well.

With the company of Malaysian extremist Hussein Ye and British convert Abdur Raheem Green, Bilal Philips is scheduled to address seven UK venues later this month.