The Left


From the Annual Accounts:

Following the split in Respect in 2007 and the contestation of ownership of the party for most of 2008 the party suffered a large loss in both membership and income.

This is reflected in the drop in annual income from £210,093 to £36,237.35 and expenditure from £202,608 to £40,1515.16 between year end 2007 and 2008. This fall in overall turnover reduced the national organisation to a shoestring operation that employed no full or part-time permanent staff in 2008. It also witnessed a fall in membership from 2,472 members in 2007 to just over 500 by end 2008.

Many Respect branches ceased functioning. By the end of 2008 it was possible to identify ten functioning branches with about a dozen smaller groups of Respect supporters that were in a position to create a Respect branch in 2009.

The deficit of £3,913.81 recorded in the 2008 accounts is composed of income still to be received for publications by the national organisation and election expenses still to be recovered by the fundraising activities of local branches involved.

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