Ban Hussein Ye

Later this month a “dawah” (propagation) campaign will get underway in the UK. It is the first big venture of a new outfit, the Islamic Education and Research Academy, or iERA. Events are scheduled in Brighton, Bristol, Manchester and London.

Have a look at one of the speakers – Malaysian cleric Hussein Ye (sometimes spelled Yee). He was trained at the Islamic University of Medina in Saudi Arabia and is considered a Wahhabi in Malaysia. This clip opens with an invocation:

“May Allah help all the mujahideen, especially in Palestine, especially in Iraq, and wherever they are, who fight to protect human rights.”

Ye goes on to claim – in a speech delivered in 2006 – that America has “no hot proof” of who carried out the 9/11 atrocities. Then he slips in this little observation:

“So, don’t worry about the twin towers. We have nothing to do with it. The Muslims must not get into an area that you do not know. Do you understand that? I know, sometimes you feel, you know who was very happy when the twin towers have been attacked? A group of Jews was so happy in America, they were having a party when the twin towers had been burned. They had a celebration, they had a party going on. Why did they do that? We don’t know.”

Here is some more general hate preaching against Jews and Christians. Two snippets:

“Because the Jews, they have gone so far against Allah’s commands. They like to do a lot of things that are very extreme. The most extremist nation in this world is the Jews. So if they used “extremists”, it doesn’t apply to Muslims. It applies to the Jews. They are the extremists in the world.

If they want to kill, they kill, because they believe that they are the chosen people. They are children of God. The blood that flows in the body of the Jew is the blood of God. It is holy. And the blood that is not Jewish, they are all like animals, you can kill them and they don’t feel that it is a sin.”

In addition to participation in this dawah tour, Hussein Ye has another interesting UK connection: he hosted Yvonne Ridley as a “specially invited guest” at his “charity centre” in Malaysia. Yes, this Yvonne Ridley:

Mr Ye’s next connection with the UK should not be a flight to London, but rather a letter from the Home Office banning him from the country for supporting terrorists and preaching disgusting religious hatred.


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