David “Astronges” Shayler Becomes a “Digger”

In 2009

To Tything Farm,

A ragged man they called Astronges

Came to show the people’s will

He defied the landlords

He defied the laws

But he got evicted, all the same. 

Some of you might be wondering what has happened to David “Astronges” Shayler.

Here’s your answer. He has become a latter day Digger, and has been squatting a farm in Guildford. 

Another man still living on the land is former M15 whistleblower David Shayler, who insists he is enforcing his common law rights to be there.

Last week, he told Judge Reid: “The common law is the only law. We are only subject to the laws of an organisation or any other corporation we live under so far as we consent to it.”

When granting the IPO, Judge Reid dismissed Mr Shayler’s arguments and said: “It’s not a question of whether I sympathise or not with the various objectives the people in occupation have.

“It does not entitle them to jump the gun and say ‘We are here, we must stay’.”

Now you know. 


There is also this:

“Among them is former M15 whistleblower turned self-proclaime messiah David Shayler, who also gave evidence on Wednesday.

He told the court that under ‘God’s Law’, Guildford Borough Council was a soulless corporation and therefore had no ownership of the land.

“All courts of law have to recognise the law of the Bible,” he said. “It must imbed freedom and liberty. No court of law can take this away.”

However, before he had learned about the council’s missing document, Judge Reid dismissed Mr Shayler’s argument.

“You can’t simply opt out of the current legal system,” he told him. “I’m afraid my view trumps your view. You may try and persuade another court that my view is incorrect.” 

Hat tip: The Posh Squatter