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The politics of fear used by a desperate party

This is the sort of thing the Labour Party are sending out to members:

In two days time Britain faces a stark choice between Labour’s plans to grow our way out of a recession or Tory cuts at the worst possible time. There is also a risk the BNP, and their leader Nick Griffin, will grab a seat in Europe. They don’t have the answers to any of the challenges we face. Despite their claims – they actually stand against everything that makes our country great.

We are going to be producing extra, last minute leaflets and posters to stop the BNP but only with your help – and we only have until midnight.

Donating £15 now lets us print an extra 1,000 leaflets.

Labour will not lose focus on the key issues – the economy, public services, housing and Europe. And in the last few days of the campaign it is vital people see that Labour won’t walk on by in the middle of the recession but will take action to help people who are in danger of losing their livelihood.

Donating £15 now lets us print an extra 1,000 leaflets.

Only an online donation can make an impact, it is the only way to make sure that your donation will reach us in time. At midnight the printing presses will start rolling, your donation will make sure that they print as much as possible.

Please donate whatever you can– we literally only have hours left.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Alicia Kennedy
Deputy General Secretary
The Labour Party

Ps. You donation online will immediate go to help stop the BNP. Please donate whatever you can. You can also donate by phone, just call 08705 900 200 but phone lines will be closing at 5pm. Please donate whatever you can.

It’s goes without saying that I loathe the BNP, but here we have the Labour Party trying to activate its membership by the use of fear. At the same time they are posting leaflets through doors festooned with the Union Jack (one with a picture of a Spitfire – but presumably not a Polish one), which are obviously trying to mimick the feel of the BNP leaflets – if not the content.

They are in a mess.

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