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The Subtext to the Pakistan Bombing

This is a cross-post by Shikwa from The Spittoon, a new blog where you can trade barbs with REAL LIVE MUSLIMS.


Terrible news from Pakistan this morning where another terrorist attack has caused carnage and loss of life. It’s an obvious act of retaliation from the Taliban who are currently being hammered in Swat.

Beyond the tragedy of this bombing there is an important subtext to all this.

Events like this bombing should remind ordinary Muslims – that’s you and me – who believe in the faith of Islam that we’re the primary target of these terrorists who believe in implementing their ideological and politicised version of Islam. They persecute and kill far more Muslims than anyone else.

Just look at what those animals from Taliban did to this 17 year old girl once they had control of Swat (I should warn you that the video is very, very distressing):

I have never got through that video without being moved to tears. But you have to watch it because that’s the kind of barbarism we’re up against. That video is the reality of what all these Islamist groups want, including those who operate in Britain.

Ordinary Muslims – that’s you and me – need to rise up against this kind of extremism now more than ever. And we have to be unequivocal in our condemnation of Islamists and the terrorism they promote whether its in Lahore or London, Jakarta or Jerusalem. It’s all the same thing – and we have to stand against it.

At it’s core, there is a battle taking place for the very soul of Islam and the future direction of our faith. In that context, we must develop a forward-looking, progressive and pluralistic Islam which will fatally undermine extremism and ensure that the Islamists don’t win.

We can never let the mad mullahs ride to power again.