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Identity Fraud

Soldier's face stolen by BNP

Imagine finding your face on a leaflet put out by a thuggish and racist party like the BNP. Imagine seeing a photograph of yourself in your regimental uniform with bigotted statement attributed to you – a fabricated quote -placed next to your image and distributed to thousands of households for your friends and family to see.

Wouldn’t you be devastated?

Well that’s precisely what happened to former Scots Guard Stuart Walker. The British National Party (BNP) apparently grabbed his photo at random off a website and used it – along with photo-library images of non-existent members of the public – on an election leaflet.

Mr Walker told The Sun that he thinks the BNP are “scumbags” who he’d never vote for “in a million years”. But he has has found his image appropriated as their military poster-boy.

I wonder if he has some legal recourse. I wonder if the BNP have breached election rules.