UK Politics

The spEak You’re bRanes generation

A Daily Mail reader writes:

This is a smokescreen..
Labour are inside your house ,,your bank account,, your computer,,,,even your dustbin.
This is a police state

And what is the smokescreen?

The Google Tricycle.

He may be a lunatic internet commentator (Are the completely insane comments on websites all written by the same 50 people?), but even amongst colleagues of various political persusions, there is a tendency to talk in similar, if not so extreme, terms about various other issues. Such people do not seem confined to the internet and Radio 5 Live. It isn’t all about ZanuLabourPF either. In response to the expense debacle, crazies appear more common. One contributor to Radio 5 Live this morning suggested a “lottocracy” this morning, with MPs chosen by random selection within a constituency.

The recent revelations about MPs expense claims (I found this a particulary pathetic example of entitlement) further undermines confidence and engagement in the political system as a whole – even if some parties appear to be dealing with the fallout better than others.

Interest in political parties is at all all-time low, but interest in single issue campaigns has never been higher. Rather than selling the electorate new coherent visions of their parties policies, MPs have created (with help from the media) a single issue campaign about themselves. On the plus side, Gordon Brown’s relative position in politics has improved. A few weeks ago he was probably the most unpopular British Politician, now he finds everbody as unpopular as him. This morning I heard reports that Labour couldn’t get people to stick address labels on envelopes, never mind trapse the streets to knock on unwelcoming doors. The Tories have to suspend campaigning in some areas due to the reaction they were getting on the doorstep in some areas. Party politics are taking a hit, as well as the House of Commons.

Let’s hope it doesn’t leave the spEak You’re bRanes generation too much of an open field.