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Essex in Distress: BNP fly flag upside down

This is a guest post by Epping Forest BNP Watch

When BNP activists have nothing meaningful to say, they fly a flag and sing a song. In the Essex County Council election, the BNP has failed to publish any manifesto. They have replaced this tired, old-fashioned politics of informing voters about their policy agenda with waving the flag of Essex. It’s a peculiar tactic, since the Essex flag – three “seaxes” on a red field – is not likely to prompt the county’s residents to puff out their chest with white pride.

But the BNP can’t even do the flag-waving bit correctly. At a BNP meeting in Loughton on 10 May, BNP London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook addressed an audience of local activists in front of the Essex flag, hung upside down! (see picture) In naval terms, flying a flag upside down was traditionally a signal of distress. With the useless Barnbrook visiting the county in his trademark beige suit, no wonder Essex is in distress.

The meeting was chaired by Loughton’s BNP Councillor Rod Law. Given that Rod intends to represent Loughton Central at a county level, he may like to get his sole election gimmick correct – alternatively, he could come up with some policies, if it’s not too taxing on his brain. For his sake, we’ve reproduced the flag of Essex here.

As Del Boy would say: “What a plonker, Rodney!”

Rod told his Facebook friends (all 39 of them) that he is “well happy his got a mention on the local red site” [sic] in response to our article on him and the drug peddlers he hangs around with – don’t worry, Rod, there’s more to follow!