Finally! A protest!

Oh, there was a big StWC rally in London today… to stop the slaughter in Sri Lanka.

Sorry, did I say Sri Lanka? I meant Palestine. There was a war there six months ago, or something. Which must be stopped. It’s been raging for over 100 years now, according to a StWC YouTube spokesperson. Juden raus.. and all that.

But seriously folks, doesn’t it seem odd that a group that has been masquerading as a peace movement is so unconcerned by a current conflict causing untold misery that they can organise a protest about an issue where the two sides are currently enjoying a cease-fire?

Other key demands of this bizarre protest were for Britain to “leave the Middle East” (didn’t we pull out of Iraq last week?) and for “troops out of Afghanistan”. I guess it is just decadent Western objectification of women that can’t appreciate the inner-beauty behind an acid-scarred face the way those nice chaps in the Taliban can.