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The BNP Launches their Manifesto

From Hope not Hate

The BNP are officially launching their manifesto today – it’s got very serious, very quickly. As a response, I need you to watch this video and then pass it on to all of your friends – getting them to sign up to our campaign as well.

Watch the video


We need to focus on the fact that the BNP can only win if turnout is low. That’s why we’ve made this video – it uses quotes from Nick Griffin to highlight the real danger that the BNP pose. And then it gives people the chance to stop the BNP – by joining our campaign.

Please watch the video and then share it with all of your friends:

The BNP pretend to have changed. But they’re the same old Nazi-loving racists that we’ve fought – and beaten – before. To win this time we need to mobilise the thousands and thousands of people who support us and are willing to contribute to our campaign – so watch the video, share it with your friends and then get them to sign up for HOPE not hate.

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