What Sort of Person Would Turn Their Husband’s Coma Into a Mail Article?

So, she changed her Facebook status from “married” to “single” after a row with her husband. But she can’t make up with him:

I quickly changed my status back to what it really is: ‘Married.’

And I’ve told Craig a hundred times that I’m sorry for being so silly. I’ve told him that I didn’t know who would see the stupid bloody ‘status change’.

I’ve told him that I’ve changed it back so everyone who reads that kind of tripe has been alerted to my mistake.

But he doesn’t respond to me at all.

He doesn’t even turn to look at me when I speak his name.

He won’t even acknowledge I’m in the same room as him.

He can’t.

Because Craig is in a coma. The day after he told me he was hurt about what I’d done on Facebook, he came off his motorbike, sustaining a serious head injury that almost ended his life.

While your husband is battling for his life in hospital, what is your next step?

In desperation, I again turned to the internet.

Where else? Having sent out an email asking people to pray for your friend, you discover that it has been circulated to “Muslim groups in Indonesia and the Middle East, from Catholic prayer circles in Italy, Spain and Britain, from Buddhists in North London and California”.

And then, of course, you turn it into a “me me me” article in the Mail on Sunday, illustrated with a picture of your children.

Have you guessed who it is? Here’s the answer.

If you fancy a bit of cod psychology, here’s an article which may explain this remarkable attention-seeking behaviour.