The Left

Truly a Broad Church

This is a guest post by MoreMediaNonsense

Here are some snaps from the dregs of the UK “Left” at the start of the May Day rally at Clerkenwell Green today (attendance – c1000). Isn’t it nice to see Uncle Joe and Mr Mao given such prominence. I doubt a banner of Hitler would be so popular – but then seeing the latest “No2Eu” escapade some of them have cooked up who knows where they will try to get votes from next!


The pacifist guy below is dreamily looking forward to a peaceful new world order – obviously he has no problems with the “peace lovers” behind him….. How strange.


Below we have the TU contingent – again they didn’t seem at all bothered by the Stalinist banners. Now if there had been an Israel flag there that would no doubt have been a different matter.


The latest UKIP mimicking front from some other motley bunch of the desperate.


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