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Tariq Ramadan: New Homophobic and Sexist Charges

This is a guest post by Tendance Coatesy

To Ramadan the Qur’an Says Gays, Sick, Women, Be Modest!

Tariq Ramadan,  faces a new crisis (here). This time it’s in Holland.

Ramadan is employed part-time as an Adviser by Rotterdam City Council. His role is to  ’stimulate discussion” on immigration and to ’build bridges’ with the Dutch Muslim community.  At the pay of  27 500 Euros a year he does two days a month work, has produced two reports and has led some public debates. This adds to Ramadan’s active presence in various guises across the world: in France, Switzerland, and elsewhere. Which includes the  United Kingdom where  he has an academic reputation, and is fêted by Conservatives, New Labour,  multi-culturalists and Islamophiles alike.

According to Le Monde this week Ramadan stands accused by the magazine Gay Krant of homophobic and sexist comments.

Ramadan aurait déclaré que l’islam prohibait l’homosexualité, laquelle serait “un dérangement, un dysfonctionnement, un déséquilibre”“Dieu a fixé une norme qui veut qu’un homme soit destiné à une femme et une femme à un homme”, aurait aussi indiqué le philosophe. 

Ramadan is alleged to have declared that Islam prohibits homosexuality, which is ‘a disorder, a disequilibrium, a disfunction’. He is also said to have declared that ‘God has fixed a norm that means a man is intended for a woman, and a  woman for a man’.

Regarding women’s public appearance he recommended that they take less care of their appearance, and behave with modesty (soberly). In the street, they should “garder toujours les yeux fixés sur le bitume” (keep their eyes fixed on the pavement).

Reactions to these reported remarks  have hit Rotterdam Council. An enquiry has been launched. The comments are alternatively denied or considered taken “out of context”. The Islamist has been defended by the Green Party, whose Rik Grashof holds the  portfolio of Integration. he has declared that even if Ramadan is opposed to homosexuality he gives priority to “respect for people.”

In France long-standing secular critics of Ramadan place these remarks in context (here). Caroline Fourrest remarks that  ’Brother Tariq’,  praised as a religous progressive, has more in common with Jerry Farwell than Martin Luther King. In brief his comments are par for the course. While the Council has (here) apparently ‘exornerated’ Ramadan, the controversy rumbles on.

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