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Did Dale fall for Hazel-hoax?

Tory blogger Iain Dale appears to have fallen for a hoax so obvious one can only assume he’s been exhausted by his hectic radio pundit schedule following Draper-gate.

Iain was sent an “advanced copy” of a speech to be given by Hazel Blears, and here’s part of Blears’s supposed speech that Iain shared with us:

Family Intervention Projects cost up to £15,000 per family, with a dedicated social work team getting the family up in the morning, ensuring everyone is washed and dressed, getting the kids to do their homework, and making sure they go to bed at a reasonable time.

Yeah right! If this isn’t a ham-fisted parody of Labour’s reputation for building the “nanny state” then I don’t know what is! Come on Iain, the state literally as nanny? How could you fall for that? Someone is having you on.

No one could seriously believe that the government actually employs nannies to go round making sure people are getting up in the morning, doing their ablutions, keeping the house tidy, going off to school, cooking dinner, and putting the kids to bed! Hahahahaha!  Come on!

Okay, it was a well prepared joke.  The pranksters even seem to have put up fake .gov websites to make it seem more credible.

Seriously, who would believe that a government were acting like the producers of a daytime ITV reality show? How clean is your house?Celebrity: Are you out of bed yet? …

Preposterous. This is clearly a hoax, Iain! You’ve been had.

(Um…. it is a hoax, right?)