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Swine Flu Moonbattery Watch

The latest swine flu nuttiness:

Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota finds it “an interesting coincidence” that swine flu outbreaks seem to happen under “Democrat” presidents. She cites a previous outbreak in the 1970s under “another Democrat president, Jimmy Carter.”

Unfortunately for her coincidence, that outbreak happened in 1976– under Republican Gerald Ford.

Update: Not only that; according to Bachmann, Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the “Hoot-Smalley” Tariff Act, which helped cause the depression of the 1930s. In fact, it was the Smoot-Hawley Act, named after its two Republican co-sponsors, and signed into law by Republican Herbert Hoover in 1930.

I have a feeling Ms. Bachmann will be providing us with many more such delightful moments in the months ahead.

(Hat tip: Gregg)