UK Politics

Brown’s blunders

If there was a prize for the highest number of self-inflicted non-fatal political wounds sustained by one politician Brown would surely win it. Here he goes again. Not enough to kill him, but enough to make the next election a total embarassment for Labour.

For ten years Brown plotted against Blair in government. Perhaps the time he took to get rid of Blair was warning enough of his incompetance. Even his eventual coup was a bungled affair by second rate politicians. It seems quite clear now that Blair did Brown a favour by keeping him in the relative shadows of the treasury.

And another thing. Stop attempting to engage with the internet. Stop making silly You Tube videos and then disabling the comments when you realise your manufactured smile is scaring the nation.Stop making petition sites which serve little purpose, except to provide another outlet for the Speak yer Branes crew. Even the petitions you might profess support for are ultimately a waste of time with little chance of influencing policy.

There’s a petition for Gordon Brown to leave office. It will sit on the website like an open sore for the next 6 months. And yet they want to extend this experience to all parts of parliament? I thought we had MPs to represent us? Why not contact them instead?

Why not instead take the radical step of attempting to govern the country (instead of making half-arsed attempts to catch out the Tories), or developing policies of use to the people?