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Cynthia McKinney sinks into the abyss

While a Green party leader in Austria was honorably opposing her country’s business ties with Iran and her government’s participation in the Durban II conference featuring Iran’s antisemitic president, Cynthia McKinney– the US Green party’s candidate for President in 2008– was sinking deeper into the conspiratorial, antisemitic muck where Red and Brown converge.

I posted last month that McKinney spoke at an anti-Israel conference in London sponsored by the antisemitic Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War.

One of the Malaysians involved in that group– Matthias Chang, an adviser to former prime minister Mahathir– has written a book called “The Shadow Money Lenders” (about you-know-who’s control of international finance), the third volume in his “Future FastForward” trilogy, which McKinney “highly recommend[s].” Chang’s books and theories are popular on the antisemitic wing of the American far right.

Adam Holland has much more.

You’d think the Greens would be rushing to put a million miles between themselves and their former candidate. But their website still features her bizarre commentaries.