Encourage Leonard Cohen to Support One Voice

BRICUP is a group that supports a Yugoslavia-like one state “solution” to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

It has issued a call to Leonard Cohen to cancel his proposed vist to Israel to perform at a concert on 24 September.

They are calling on people to write to his manager, Robert Kory to ask him to abandon this trip.

However, why not write to Robert Kory and urge him to support the grassroots Palestinian and Israeli project, One Voice:

The OneVoice Movement is an international mainstream grassroots movement with over 650,000 signatories in roughly equal numbers both in Israel and in Palestine, and 2,000 highly-trained youth leaders. It aims to amplify the voice of Israeli and Palestinian moderates, empowering them to seize back the agenda for conflict resolution and demand that their leaders achieve a two-state solution guaranteeing the end of occupation, establishing a viable independent Palestinian state, and ensuring the safety and security of the state of Israel – allowing both people to live in peace with all their neighbors.

He might even consider joining its international board of advisors, as Sir Paul McCartney has done.

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