One More For Charity

Let’s give the Charity Commission, which relies on the public for information about potential malfeasance, another hand.

The commission is currently investigating “Viva Palestina”, George Galloway’s Hamas support operation.

The charity Interpal was of course closely involved in the Viva Palestina escapade, as reported here.

Well, let’s look at some more evidence. Here’s a picture of Galloway entering Gaza. The man on the right with a suitcase and a bag is none other than Majdi Aqil. He is an Interpal employee. He was also a member of Hamas in the past and may still be one today, as noted here.


I wonder what Mr Aqil had in his luggage?



The second picture has been published by Interpal itself in an account of Aqil’s trip to Gaza with Viva Palestina.

You see, the regulation of British charities linked to terrorism is so poor that Interpal can boast of its involvement with Viva Palestina without fear of any consequences, even though it is linked to Hamas.

Or can it? Why doesn’t the Charity Commission add Interpal to its Viva Palestina enquiry?

Surely counterterrorism work is more important than (seriously) having a go at the Prince’s Trust for political activities?