Austrian Green party leader opposes country’s participation in Durban II

I don’t know what, if any, positions the Green parties in the US and the UK are taking on the Durban II farce, although I expect they are not opposing it.

By refreshing contrast, consider Madeleine Petrovic, head of the Green party in Lower Austria, who opposes her government’s failure to boycott. She said: “The participation of Ahmadinejad just gives European governments another reason to boycott the UN conference. The Austrian government should not only speak out against the efforts of the Chamber of Commerce to expand the Austrian business with Iran, but should also issue a letter of refusal against the abuse of anti-racism that can be expected at the Durban II conference in Geneva.”

Austria’s Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger of the conservative People’s Party actually criticized the European Union countries which boycotted the conference as representing “not a sign of strength” for the EU.

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