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Galloway arrest watch

George Galloway returned from his speaking tour of North America– at least the US portions thereof– “to a London address I seldom visit” to find a “blizzard of correspondence” from the UK Charity Commission.

He writes in an open letter to the commission:

Your correspondence, when read together, as I have just done, seems to represent a wildly disproportionate and inappropriate reaction to our recent delivery of aid to the suffering Palestinians in Gaza , and must raise the question: Why?

Let’s leave aside the matter of Galloway having a London address he seldom visits. (How many people can afford that? Who does he think he is, John McCain?) Let’s even leave aside the blizzard of letters from the Charity Commission regarding his Viva Palestina convoy to deliver aid to the Hamas government and Galloway’s rambling, utterly beside-the-point response.

The UK Terrorism Act of 2000 explicitly forbids support of proscribed terrorist organizations. Among those proscribed terrorist organizations is Hamas, which currently controls the government, such as it is, in Gaza. (Under a 2001 amendment to the act, “Hamas-Izz al-Din al-Qassem Brigades” is listed among the proscribed organizations.) Violators of the law can be imprisoned for up to 14 years.

Standing in front of a video camera, knowing full well that UK law forbids aid to Hamas, Galloway nonetheless handed fistfuls of money to a representative of that organization. He stated that “I personally am about to break the sanctions” on the Hamas government and bragged that there wasn’t a jury in Britain which would convict him for it.

Scotland Yard: here’s all the evidence you need. We’re making it easy for you:

So let’s keep a watch: when will Galloway be arrested?