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Sinking to their level

You may be aware of the story about Brown’s special advisor :

A SPECIAL advisor to Gordon Brown resigned today after sending a series of emails smearing top Tories to political

The offending messages are said to contain lurid and unfounded allegations about the private lives of David Cameron and George Osborne, along with other Conservative MPs.

Damian McBride, the Prime Minister’s ex-political press officer, sent them via a Downing Street account to Derek Draper.

A close friend of Lord Mandelson, Mr Draper writes a left-wing blog and runs the website [sic].

This afternoon Tory [eh?] MP Charles Clarke, a former Home Secretary, called for Mr McBride to be dismissed.

Guido Fawkes is all hot and bothered, and Iain Dale has details of what the gossip may have been. I have no time for the poisonous Guido, but by as they say when you wrestle with pigs…

Even Labourhome is unimpressed calling for Draper to go, and Draper himself is now trying to backpedal “At the end of the day, though, the lesson is that we should leave tittle tattle and gossip to the right wing blogosphere.”


Derek Draper writes of his idea for a Labour gossip site :

I felt strongly that such gossip wasn´t suitable for LabourList and kicked around the idea of setting up another blog, Red Rag, where such stories might be published.

I mentioned this idea to a few friends asking if they knew of any good gossip that was doing the rounds.

As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for.