UK Politics

Shameful incompetents

What were they thinking? The Labour party won the 1997 election when the Tories were mired in sleaze. Now in a kind of reverse 1997 the Labour administration has decided to piss away any last vestiges of hope of an election victory by planning a campaign of fabricated sleaze against the Tories. This has slapped them back in the face. The allegations that were going to be used were:

Outing a Tory as a homosexual.

Suggesting David Cameron may have had a sexual transmitted disease.

Suggesting George Osborne may be a cross dresser who has links to prostitutes.

Casting aspersions about George Osborne’s wife’s mental health. Nice.

Concocting unfounded tales about Nadine Dorries, a Tory back-bench MP, having a one-night stand with a married colleague and hinting that a sex aid was accidentally left in a hotel bedroom.

So while Brown was out saving the world, and supposedly focusing on the economy, his team are fucking about playing Guido-lite with the witless incompetence of Mr Bean.