The Attack On Multiculturalism, In a Nutshell

This story, about the persecution and hounding of a dedicated head teacher, accused of ‘Islamophobia’ by a clique of self-appointed and ideologically driven ‘community leaders’ is almost a perfect metaphor for the current attack on true multiculturalism:

[T]his isn’t really a story of racial or religious strife. Throughout her ordeal, Connor remains convinced that the vast majority of the local community stood firmly in her corner, regardless of religious affiliations. Instead, it’s the story of how a tiny minority used the fear of such conflict, and the terror inspired by phrases like “institutional racism” or “Commission for Racial Equality”, to paralyse local government – and persuade the education system to abandon a gifted headteacher and her dedicated staff in their hour of need. 

This is how it started:

[O]n 15 June a three-page petition appeared, apparently signed by parents, which called for her sacking on the grounds that she was a racist and Islamophobe.

“The petition said that I didn’t respect their language, their values, their culture, that I was out for myself and I just wanted to make money. It said I was Jewish, that I had missionaries coming into the school, that I was Catholic. It attacked the staff’s dress and mine. It was just endless. It’s so ludicrous it’s almost laughable, although at the time it wasn’t at all.”

Sounds familiar?

The story was first told in the Daily Mail. Now it is in the Independent. Let’s hope that this now means that it is taken seriously.

Scale this article up, and you’ll have a fair idea of what is happening in national politics, in this area.

Read it, weep, and then start thinking about how we can turn this around. I’d have thought that large awards of damages is a good start.