Class struggle against the liberal elite?

Banksy “graffiti” is under attack by new group.

The group claims artists such as Banksy – which it describes as “poor little middle class white boys” – are “gentrifying” urban areas by attracting the liberal elite.

As a result, regeneration pushes up house prices and drives out low-income families.

It is the second recent attack on Banksy’s work – which could mark the beginning of an urban backlash against the street artist’s move into the mainstream.

A message on the Appropriate Media website labels Banksy a “guffhead of massive proportions” who is cashing in on the “capitalist created phenomenon of ‘urban’ art”.

It reads: “Graffiti artists are the performing spray-can monkeys for gentrification.

“In collusion with property developers, they paint deprived areas bright colours to indicate the latest funky inner city area ripe for regeneration.

“Pushing out low income families in their wake, to be replaced by middle class metrosexuals with their urban art collections.”

Indymedia carry the message:

Through this action, Appropriate Media asks “What is the value of street art?”. How much time and money will be spent to restore this urban ‘masterpiss’ by urban masterpisser, Banksy.

Come on, you only care about it cos its a Banksy and he sells his lazy polemics to Hollywood movie stars for big bucks.

Come on, you only care about it cos makes you feel edgy and urban to tour round the inner city in your 4×4, taking in the tired coffee table subversion that graffiti has become.

Appropriate Media state:

Graffiti artists are the copywriters for the capitalist created phenomenon of urban art.
Graffiti artists are the performing spray-can monkeys for gentrification.

We call for the appropriate and legitimate use of public and private property.

We are taking matters into our own hands.
We will not seek permission.
We will retaliate.

They are attracting flack on their website.

I’m sure you will have been receiving many emails telling you that you are twats. Here’s another. You twats. Utter, utter, twats. Sure most graffiti is shit, sure Banksy is shit, sure most of the surrounding coverage is shit, but your words and actions are utter shit. Twats!