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Scottish Islamic Foundation: “Defend Daud Abdullah”

This is a guest post by Ibn Al-Waleed

Sohaib Saeed, a leading member of the Scottish Islamic Foundation, a Scottish Islamic group that is lavishly funded by the Scottish government, has begun a campaign on Facebook to “defend” Daud Abdullah, the disgraced vice-chair of the Muslim Council of Britain.

Saeed put up his initial post on Facebook titled simply ‘Defend Daud Abdullah’ soon after The Observer revealed that Abdullah had signed a document which called for jihadist attacks on Israel and on “countries, institutions or individuals” which are “standing with the Zionist entity”.

Saeed then pasted a press release by the “Coalition of British Muslim Organisations Concerned with the Rights of the Palestinian People”, a coalition that appears to consist only of Anas al-Tikriti, a roving spokesman for numerous Muslim Brotherhood front-groups, and a hand-full of his like-minded chums – such as Sayed Ferjani, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Tunisian branch.

Almost two weeks after his initial postings, on 22 March, Saeed re-visited the page, pasting in another link to an article from Islamonline, the pro-Brotherhood website, which reported that the government would break off relations with the MCB until Abdullah resigned. Saeed referred to this as “disturbing developments”.

Earlier today Saeed posted another two links, one to an article on Bunglawala’s Iengage website which accuses Hazel Blears of trying to “intimidate” the MCB and another one to an article on Comment is Free by Brian Whitaker which defends the MCB.

Saeed is the chair of the Scottish Islamic Foundations’s ‘Dialogue and Education’ working group. The Scottish Islamic Foundation says of itself that it aims “to build bridges between Muslims and non-Muslims, both nationally and internationally”.

Why then is the head of the Foundation’s ‘Dialogue and Education’ section defending Daud Abdullah – a man who apparently approves attacks not only on British forces but also on anyone anywhere in the world who supports Israel?